Do Badminton Rackets Matter? Is an Expensive High-Quality Racket Worth It?

Do Badminton Rackets Matter

If you are just starting out with Badminton or have a child that has become interested in the sport, you will need to buy a racket. Without a Badminton racket, you wouldn’t be able to learn in the first place. When shopping around for rackets, you will find a multitude of options available to choose from. You will notice that while most of them look extremely similar; some are cheap and some are considered “professional” and are expensive. This might make you wonder if you are paying more for the brand or if there is something extra special about the more expensive rackets. Does it make a difference which Badminton racket you buy?

Do Badminton rackets matter? Yes, the Badminton racket you play with does matter. Entry-level rackets used for beginner lessons will be completely different to use than specialized rackets used by advanced players and pros. Specialized rackets have a different play style to entry-level rackets in terms of wrist power, slicing, and timing. In most instances, beginner players use an entry-level Badminton racket until they develop their own play style and need a specialized racket to play with.

Many newbies to the sport want to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity to prosper and excel in the sport in the shortest time span possible. While skills are certainly required to get ahead in Badminton, the “equipment” that is used also plays a role performance. Most beginners aren’t aware of how important the racket is and how it can boost or snag their speed and performance on the court. Below we take a look at how the Badminton racket you use can affect your performance and what to look for in the “perfect” racket for you.

Is an Expensive High-Quality Racket Worth It?

Many people believe that a beginner player will not have the ability to use a professional high-quality racket and therefore it is not worth it. While this may be partially true, the truth is that if a beginner student is taught to play with a high-quality professional racket from the very first lesson, they will learn the expert skills and play style required to use the racket effectively. And there is no going back from that. This, of course, is a highly debatable topic.

While many players learn with a basic or entry-level racket and then move on to a high-quality pro racket when they are skilled enough to learn how to handle a more advanced racket, others learn to use an expert racket immediately and benefit greatly from the experience and opportunity.

Something that must be noted is that if you buy a new pro racket and you do not have the skill to use it or if the racket is not designed to match your particular play style, the racket will negatively impact on your performance.

The general rule of thumb is to buy a Badminton racket that matches your play style and skill set. Forget about price and rather look at the specifications of the racket when shopping for a new or first racket.

Why Some Badminton Are Rackets More Expensive

Most people know that the more expensive the Badminton racket is, the more suited it is to an advanced, skilled player. What makes them expensive is how they are designed and manufactured. Innovative technology is paired with durable yet light-weight materials to create a racket that is hardy, powerful, and comfortable to use. Someone who has never played Badminton before might not notice the differences between expensive and entry-level rackets at a quick glance.

While the price is the number 1 difference between expensive and inexpensive rackets, there are considerable differences in the specifications such as the weight, balance point, and string tension too.

What Type of Badminton Racket Do I Need?

Beginner players do not specifically need a specialized racket, but learning with one from day 1 can be advantageous to a career in the sport. However, new players only need a simple racket that can be used to powerfully contact the shuttlecock. As you learn the basics of the game, you will be able to progress to using a Badminton racket that is specialized to enhance performance. The reason it is so easy to buy a racket for a beginner player is that they are yet to develop their own personal style of play. Once you have your own playstyle, it will become tricky to buy a racket that suits your specific needs.

As a general rule of thumb, beginners should use a basic racket that feels comfortable when they first swing it. If a beginner can clear the shuttlecock from baseline to baseline with a particular entry-level Badminton racket, then that is a good racket to use. An entry-level racket that can be comfortably used by beginners have a medium balance point and in some cases are ever so slightly head heavy. Other good beginner rackets have a medium flexible racket shaft. These specifications are ideal for producing noticeable power.

Power and Control Badminton Rackets and Why They Matter

When asking around which Badminton racket is best for you and if it matters which one you buy, you will undoubtedly come across people that speak about ‘power’ rackets and ‘control’ rackets. It is the norm for a beginner to opt for a power racket as they have a heavier head. Beginners to the game tend to handle power rackets easier. On the flipside, control rackets have a heavier handle which allows players to have more control over their shots.

Choosing the right one is important because it can affect your performance. For instance, beginners need power while they are learning control. Only once they become more skilled and wrist strength, can they start looking into control rackets.

Why is a power racket with medium flexible shaft considered ideal for beginners? These rackets pack a double whammy in terms of power. Power rackets produce exceptional power. While the flexible racket shaft produces power, it does not offer as much precision as pro rackets which offer more accurate shots. After all, a beginner is focusing on hitting a baseline to baseline clear, so power is the most important element.

As you can imagine, pro-high-quality rackets offer power, more control, and exceptional precision – elements that a beginner player will not be able to harness at the very beginning.

Does it Matter Which Badminton Racket I Choose? | How to Choose the Right Racket

When you walk into the local sports equipment store or shop around online, you will find a variety of Badminton rackets for sales with a “U” number attached. The “U” is an indication of the weight of the racket. It really does matter which one you select as it can affect your performance. Below is a brief look at what each Badminton weight rating is:

  • 1U – 95g to 100g
  • 2U – 90g to 94g
  • 3U – 85g to 89g
  • 4U – 80g to 84g

Most intermediate to advanced players choose a racket that weighs between 80g and 100g. For beginners, it is recommended that a 3U racket is used as it weighs 85g to 89g. 3U rackets will allow a beginner to stroke quickly and recover just as quickly. As a result, the racket is quite easy to control and allows players to serve and switch to different strokes with exceptional ease and speed. For the player still building wrist strength, this is the ideal racket type.

The next thing that you will notice with the Badminton rackets for sale is the balance point. This might seem confusing to you if you do not understand the game of Badminton yet. The following balance points exist with rackets:

  • Headlight balance – this is the perfect Badminton racket for long exchanges from the back of the court. You will see these rackets used in rallies. They are more suited to experienced players.
  • Heavy head balance – this racket is lightweight and easy to control. It is a good choice for both beginners and intermediate players.
  • Even balance – the even balance Badminton rackets are ideal for beginners who have not yet developed their own play style. It allows the player to develop a style with a racket that is easy to use.

Another important aspect to look at when choosing a Badminton racket is the string tension. When you push on the strings of a Badminton racket, you can see how much “give” the strings have. The ideal tension should only allow the strings to have a 1mm give.


Do Badminton rackets matter? They undoubtedly do matter. In the first place, the type of racket you play with can influence your personal play style. Also, if you use a Badminton racket that is not suited to your skill level or knowledge (the racket is too advanced for you), you will not be able to win. To become a successful Badminton player, you need to have the skills as well as good quality equipment that is suited to your play style and current level of expertise.



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