10 Health Benefits of Playing Badminton

Health Benefits of Playing Badminton

Whether you play professionally or just playing for fun, badminton surely has a lot of health benefits that could do good for your body! Badminton is a famous racquet sport which is very similar to tennis. Playing badminton could help you boost and maintain your physical and mental well-being. Be it singles or doubles play, you’ll surely enjoy its health benefits added to its excitement and fun! Check out as I share 10 health benefits of playing badminton!

When you play badminton, you will be able to have a lot of good health developments. When I started to play badminton, I have noticed a lot of positive changes in my body.  

  • My body functions such as agility, coordination, and the overall cardiovascular system became better. With all the running, jumping, smashing and diving it helped me a well-rounded person who could withstand long-distance walks or runs without or just less fatigue. 
  • It helps to develop good psychological health! Just like any other sports activities or exercises, badminton helps a lot with increasing endorphins or the so-called happy hormones. It helps with fighting depression and leaves a positive impact on our overall mental or psychological well-being. 

Can you imagine that having a good play of badminton could burn up to 450 calories in just one hour? That’s like burning up a regular burger and fries combo from at a fast-food chain! What more if you’ll be playing for more than just an hour?  

Surely, you’d think that those are just too few of the benefits of playing badminton! This is why I elaborate on some more of the good sides of a badminton play in this post! Keep reading, as we give you a good number of the things that could help you shape up your overall wellbeing, with the health benefits of playing badminton!

Helps a lot in getting in shape and lose weight

As I have mentioned earlier, a good badminton game could burn up to 500 calories in an hour. Those calories are converted into lots of energy that is required by the body during any activities.  It helped me lose a lot of weight in just a couple of months of regular playing of badminton.  It helped me to get into good shape!  If you will be comparing the calories burned while playing badminton with other sports, it will be ranked on one of the highest calorie-burning!

Better and improves metabolism

A good metabolism helps our body to maintain its good physical composition and helps us to stay fit. One of the good health benefits of playing badminton is to improve metabolism due to the increased cardiopulmonary function.  The cardiopulmonary function is the ability of the human body to naturally produce sweat when needed. Sweat excretion helps remove unwanted toxins from the body.

If our body sweats up habitually, a higher metabolic rate could be achieved.

Helps in toning up muscles and physique

Playing badminton requires a lot of body movements such as running, arms movements, jumping and many others.  It is one of the sports that require overall body movement coordination.  Regular plays of badminton could help in toning our core muscles, especially in your lower extremities.  I have noticed that my calves, butt, and hamstring muscles looked a whole lot greater when I started to play badminton as compared when I have not found my love for the racket and shuttlecock before.

I can also see great improvements with the toning of my arms, and shoulders.

Improves cardiovascular health

Due to the many movements that we do while we play badminton, it also helps us improve our cardiovascular health. As a person who eats a lot of different cuisines, it is inevitable for me to have a bad cholesterol level. High cholesterol levels decrease the size of our blood vessels which could lead to a heart attack or other conditions such as stroke. Badminton was one of the activities which were suggested to me by my doctor to improve my cardiovascular health.

Playing badminton makes our heart muscles to be stronger by unclogging all of the blocked walls of the heart which then makes a better blood flow!  This sport is highly advisable to be played by people with pre-existing heart conditions. Just take note that before playing, be sure to take proper medical consultation.

Helps in improving bone mass and bone density

Apart from muscle toning and development, one of the good health benefits of playing badminton is improving our bone mass and density. Badminton helps a lot in forming osteoblasts which are known to be the main cells responsible for forming bones. If our bodies have a good number of osteoblasts, it reduces our risks of bone fractures. Badminton also helps our body in developing calcium matrix that makes an improved overall structure of our bones.

Thus, playing badminton helps us in developing good bone density which is a good requirement in preserving the natural posture of the body.

Increases body reflexes and concentration

Since badminton is a sport that requires both the brain and the body to work together, the overall concentration focus is improved. Since badminton requires intelligence, the brain is being trained to properly work well when it comes to focusing on its tasks.  If the game is in a fast-paced the body reflexes are also improved since our brain needs to react with the shots in a quick manner.  It also trains the body reflexes to be better for a good play between players.

For 4 months of playing badminton, I have also noticed that my mind concentration span has been improved.  I can focus on my daily tasks better due to the mind and body coordination that I have from my badminton training.

Lowers risks of diabetes

According to the WHO  or the World Health Organization, diabetes has been one of the diseases which has a rapid growth in the world’s total population.  Diabetes has been one of the major causes of blindness, kidney failures, heart attacks, and lower limb amputation. One of the major health benefits of playing badminton is lowering the risk of diabetes by helping our body to reduce blood sugar levels. The vigorous movements being executed while on play decreases the production of sugar in our lover that keeps us away from the incidence of developing diabetes.

Lowers risks of hypertension

Just like diabetes, hypertension is one of the highest recorded killer diseases in the whole planet. Badminton, as we know, is a highly active sport that also helps us socialize with other people or players perhaps.  Hypertension could not only be caused by the food we eat; our social skills and lifestyle also determine this disease. Hypertension could be caused by stress and other emotional uproars.

As a badminton player, I get to meet a lot of different people who play the same sport. I have felt a good positive environment that improved my physical activity, mood, my sleep and emotional well-being in general. I became more relaxed and help me reduce stress and anxiety.

Improves lung function

Health benefits of playing badminton include improved lung function. As we move around, run, jump and execute our best swings and blocks our heart rate and blood flow could increase for up to 50% than the normal levels. These changes in the respiratory system of the body improve the function of our lungs.  It helps us clear out the impurities that we have inside our lungs due to increased respiratory functions.  People with difficulty in breathing could benefit well if they would play badminton. Just take note that if you have a pre-existing medical condition, just consult your doctor first for proper assessment regarding the regulation of your physical activities to avoid body condition complications.

  1. Develops athleticism
  2. Fights of stress
  3. Improves Social Health
  4. Releases Endorphins
  5. Develops social coordination

Better overall lifestyle

With all the health benefits of playing badminton discussed, an overall better lifestyle could be developed.  From months of playing badminton, I can say that my lifestyle improved and taken to a whole new level of improvement.  With the good physical activities brought by playing the sport, added to my balanced diet and nutrition, I can now sleep better and can perform better with my daily tasks. My brain and physical body functions were all improved and have been working well together. It is just like a holistic approach to make me a better person from the inside up to the outside. I never felt better since I started to play badminton!

With all of these benefits discussed, the ball is now within your hands on how you could have badminton to make a difference with your health.  Before you have all of this information, it is also important to check on some important reminders before playing!

How often or how long should I play badminton?

In any type of sports, there are some required or at least recommended playtimes. In badminton, there are no actual rules regarding this.  You can play as long as you want, and how often as you want.  If you have the time freedom, then your playtime is in your control. On average, an hour of badminton games could help you lose up to 500 calories in the game alone. This does not include the calories you burn during warm-ups and stretching.

Professional badminton players take-up 6-7 hours of their daily hours just to train badminton.  As a beginner, you can take all of the time you need during your training as long as your body can take it.  This makes a call that a professional trainer or at least an advanced player is there to guide you. Also, don’t forget to consult your doctor if you have some pre-existing medical conditions such as heart and respiratory imbalances.

In short, you can play as long as you want, and how you often you want.  Your body is the main point here. One thing’s for sure, a longer time of effective training leads to more health benefits and better play techniques.

What are the preparations that you need before playing badminton?

In any sport, proper preparation is very important. It helps you to become prepared with the strains and vigorous muscular activities that the game would take you.

I usually start my badminton routine by stretching and warm-up. This helps my body to loosen up and become ready for a great match! It ignites my stamina and agility to make me withstand sets of badminton games.

Ideally, my warm-up routine looks like this:


  1. 3 minutes of repetitive toe reach
  2. 3 minutes of repetitive lunges
  3. 2 minutes of arms stretch (for each arm)
  4. 2 minutes of legs stretch (for each leg)


  1. 10 minutes of job or brisk walking
  2. 100 rope skips


  1. Racket swing play – this is a very good exercise that helps your wrist and grip to perform well while playing badminton. Just do some random swings while holding your racket.
  2. Check the shuttlecock – since shuttlecocks may vary from different manufacturers, checking the flight could give you a great advantage in executing your techniques.  By checking the flight of the shuttlecock, you will be able to adjust your techniques.

Another thing that I prepare well is my diet. Diet and nutrition should also be closely watched for your body to be properly nourished with the nutrients it needs to perform well.

Since badminton requires a lot of energy, each meal should include carbohydrates and protein with a minimal percentage of fats. A low-fat diet while playing badminton will help you reap the most health benefits.

Before a tournament, I usually eat a light, carbohydrate-rich meal. My plate is usually made of pasta and vegetables.  I always make sure to add a protein such as chicken or fish with an additional protein bar on the side. If you are not into eating a plateful of these types of meals, a liquid shake could be a great alternative too!

What are the things I need to know while playing badminton?

Since badminton is usually played indoors and requires intense muscle and body activities, players tend to lose more fluids. Add the fact that the usual environment is warm and humid, proper hydration should be practiced while playing badminton. Drinking fluids assist the body in recovery and helps a lot in the avoidance of losing valuable nutrients of the body.

Proper hydration also helps in cooling our body temperature which makes us comfortable while playing. It is highly advisable to drink fluids that have a good glucose content could help refuel the body.

Enjoying the game will also help you succeed!  We know that in the competition, we have to win. But apart from setting up the goal to win, it should also be your primary goal to just enjoy the play to put out all of the pressure from the mind. This gives us a more relaxed mindset that will then lead to better execution of our techniques and hits while on the play.

What are the things I must do after a badminton game?

Whether we win or lose, we need to have our body to cool down properly after every badminton game. Cooling down helps our body to avoid injury and stiffness. My usual cooling down routine is the one that I do before the play which was earlier mentioned in this article (Except wristwork). It helps the body to lower down the heart rate to its normal pace. Of course, most importantly REHYDRATE! Refuel the body with just the right amount of fluid.

Wrapping Up

Surely, there are a lot of things that you have discovered about the health benefits of playing badminton. It helps the body and the mind to be properly conditioned. It helps us to create a better and healthy lifestyle which is essential to keep us going with our daily activities. Just take note that this could all go wrong if you won’t be adding a healthy diet that also plays a vital role in keeping us mentally, and physically sound.

Also, make sure that you play badminton in balanced harmony. Keep your body relaxed and shake off all the nervousness and negativity while on the play. We know that those things are parts of the game, but I’m telling you, is focused on the strategies rather than focusing on the negative thoughts would help a lot in your badminton game’s success!

Be competitive but be sure to enjoy every bit of the game. Most importantly, be cheerful in winning and find the good sides in losing. It helps us develop good sportsmanship and helps us to properly improve our strategies and techniques. After all, it is also like any other sports that we can play again after every game, champions or defeated. We can always have another chance to do better in our next games in the future! I have always had that mindset to help me become a better player, and as a better individual in general! After all, winning the game is a great trophy, but winning new friends is one of the greatest consolations that we could have with playing badminton!  Never Say Die!


Hey! I’m Steven. I've been playing badminton for over 10 years and working as an assistant badminton coach for kids. This website is created to share my passion and knowledge of badminton as well as discuss relevant and useful topics in the world of badminton.

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