What is the Best Age to Start Playing Badminton?

What is the Best Age to Start Playing Badminton

They say that “age is nothing but a number” and that is especially true when it comes to getting involved in sport. However, if you wish to follow a career in a sport like Badminton, or if you want to give your children the best possible chance of following a career in the sport, you might wonder if age plays a role. What if you leave it too late and then your child misses out on the opportunity to become the next world-class national Badminton player? Or what if you are heading into your mid-twenties and have a sudden passion for Badminton. Are there still career possibilities open to you in the sport?

What is the best age to start playing Badminton? You can start learning and playing Badminton at any age, but the ideal age to start with professional coaching and lessons is around 7 to 8 years old. Younger children can start playing Badminton, but they should be taught the game basics with the objective of merely having fun. Most first-time selections by the National Badminton Association are at age 12.

While anyone, young or old, can get involved in a game of Badminton, you probably stand to develop more skills, the earlier you start playing. If you just wish to play a game at home with gran, gramps, mom, dad and the kids, then you can certainly start playing at any time – even today! If you want to do things a little more seriously, you need to get that Badminton racket in hand by the age of 7. By playing Badminton just for fun prior to 7 or 8 years of age, the “Badminton bug” has a chance to bite. And once something is fun, you can expect a child to want to learn more and get more involved. Badminton is a sport that has a reputation for having very young players. You will hardly ever find professional Badminton players older than 30 or 35 years still on the court aiming for gold medal wins. If you want to find out more about why age matters when learning Badminton, read on.

Why age matters when playing Badminton

While we have established that anyone of any age can play Badminton, it is important to know that the game is based on different levels. Any age can play the game according to the level that best suits their skills and abilities. For starters, a 7-year-old player will be on the first level, whereas a 20-year old pro player will be on a level of Badminton that the 7-year old would not be well-equipped for.

In Badminton, the various levels are based on physical strength and therefore age matters for the higher levels of the games. A very young player may not have the physical skills and strengths to play the game at the highest level and this is why starting early in life has its obvious benefits.

For parents who want to encourage their children to explore the possibility of following a successful career in Badminton, introducing them to the sport very early on is highly recommended. At 6 years old, you can introduce your child to Badminton on a “fun” level. Simply introduce them to the basics so they can start to understand the general idea. This is a great way to see if your child has an affiliation for the sport and enjoys it. If you only introduce them to the sport at the age of 10, you might be too late if they wish to follow a career in it.

There are of course several other reasons why it is ideal to be introduced to Badminton at an early age (the earlier the better). Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Badminton is a sport that can be played anytime, anywhere, with minimal equipment.
  • The sport encourages siblings, peers, and neighborhood kids to play together.
  • The game develops a sense of healthy competition.
  • Playing Badminton improves physical strength and fitness and thus boosts health.
  • Playing Badminton gets kids away from the computer, TV, and iPad screens.
  • Badminton techniques improve motor skills.
  • When playing Badminton there is minimal risk of injury involved.
  • Learning and playing Badminton teaches kids the importance of playing by the rules and being disciplined.

At what age can a professional Badminton career start?

The reason why Badminton experts recommend children beginning their training for the sport as young as 7 years or 8 years of age is that Badminton careers in the country start quite early – earlier than you would expect. If the player wants to be competitive and have a career in the sport, he/she will have to get serious about it quite early on.

The Badminton Association in the United States selects 12-year-olds to play Badminton at an international level. That might not sound too extreme, but when you consider how advanced these players need to be by 12, you will realize that a lot of hard work goes into their training. These 12-year old players must already be able to demonstrate exceptional skills and fitness in order to be considered for selection.

Most players in this category already have a thorough understanding of the game and 5 years of practice on the court. Once they are chosen, they go on to spend a lot of time on fitness training, practicing and attending professional coaching classes. At the age of 12, children have a better grasp of the concept of Badminton than a child pre-adolescent would have, but are already nearly halfway through their Badminton career!

It is expected that a promising and talented Badminton player could have a fully-fledged career in the sport at the tender age of just 17 years old. This does not mean that someone who is only introduced to the sport at 17 years of age cannot be good enough to reach the international professional level, but it is rare.

When do Badminton players retire? | At what age to Badminton players retires?

You might be wondering just how long a Badminton career lasts. Maybe you want to know if this is a career path that offers many, many years on the court. This is where it gets interesting because each sporting industry has a different set of recommended or expected “retirement” ages. These recommendations are based on the nature of the sport. Expected retirement ages usually depend on the physical and emotional impact that the sport has on a player too. In Badminton, most professional players retire in their early 30s – most at the age of 30 years. This is not because of the impact of the sport, so to speak, but more because players older than 30 are unable to keep up with the fitness levels and energy outputs of younger players who are in their peak. When it comes to Badminton doubles, however, players usually only retire at 35 years of age. As mentioned before, Badminton is a sport that is dominated by very young players.


If you are wondering if you are too old to start playing Badminton, the answer is no, you are definitely not! You are never too old to start playing Badminton. The game is fun and a great form of exercise for people of all ages. It is also important to note that Badminton is not just a sport or career path, it also has a social element to it that provides a great way for you to meet new people while keeping active too.

You will find that there are several beginner Badminton classes available for children, adults, and teenagers. There are also several Badminton clubs that you can join to play for fun. Many local Badminton clubs host their own in-house competitions or interclub tournaments. You can join these clubs and participate in the classes, tournaments and competitions at any age. However, if you wish to follow a career in Badminton, you need to start playing and receiving professional coaching at the age of around 7 or 8 years. And there you have it – just about every reason why and how age matters in Badminton!







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